The Story

If someone asks me what is the most important thing in our lives? I would say Stories. Yes, stories are the most important thing in our life. Everything we do all our lives are the part of that big story. We get civilized, we educate ourselves, we make families, we earn money and get ourselves a comfy and good life, and they are all the individual paragraph of the story which gives life to the story. All that we human ever do is to make our story beautiful and glorious. All the wars, all the conflicts, all the love, all the lust are all part of human endeavor to make their stories better and fancy. Every revolution and war is all legendary stories today, no more than that. Every romance and affair is some sweet story. All that surrounds you is an illusion. They are just the components to join and make the story.

It’s like the web of a spider, the individual string do not make sense but when you see them all interwoven and arranged you see the masterpiece created by that tiny eight legged magician. Our life is also similar when you see it as a spider web. And this world is the master spider web made from billions of spider webs of the stories of our live. It appears all messy and unrelated when looked individually, but it starts making sense as we move towards the centre of the web.

A perspective is all that you need. To see, to experience and enjoy the beautiful story of your life and all the tiny marvelous stories going on around you round the clock. It’s astonishing, isn’t? .So much going on with and around us. Just sit in a train and you see stories passing by or quietly observe from the rear end of the park and you will see the unrecognized literary mastery of the people around you.

All the time that is passing by is being written on the page of life as the lines of our story and all the future that lies ahead are the blank pages of our stories that are yet to be written.

Your story may have some sweet paragraphs, some salty, some happy but some sad. No matter what it is, it should be great. That is all that counts. It must be a masterpiece. All that you need to ask yourself is, are you drafting that masterpiece of your life right now.



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