The Crush

The class was about to start. There was a kind of unrest in the classroom. All the students were waiting relentlessly for the teacher to come and to get this one hour of utter boredom to get over with. His friends were talking about all the different kind of things from football to politics and the trick they played on some guy in the hostel. He was listening to them but his eyes and his mind was way over the class to that one bench. He just sat there and stole quick short glances to the inhabitant of the bench. He was a nice shy guy and wanted to contain his feelings but the face of that far neighbor made it hard for the boy to suppress the wave of different kind of feelings originating from his tiny poor heart. He didn’t want his friends to know about his secret affection and he himself didn’t know what it was. It was a different kind of feeling he’d got. Why did he felt so relieved to see her every morning making her way through the doorways of the class? Why was he upset when he didn’t find her in the class? Why has that bench all of a sudden, become so special to him? What was happening to him? He didn’t know. He was too naïve to know it all but he knew it was something special, something peculiar for he haven’t felt same before, ever. But what was it and who was she to him. He barely even knew her and couldn’t recollect when he even talked to her. Yet there he was unable to keep his eyes off her.

In the chatters and the murmurs of his class he found his escape. A world made of his thoughts and nurtured by his feelings. He was constantly looking at her from the corners of his eyes and all of a sudden got lost in her. She made him calm. She was like a sea to him. Just as beautiful, infinite and full of passion. Her hairs which were constantly coming to her face and blocking the view were like the gentle breeze of the wind which disturbed the silence of the sea and make waves out of it. She used to playfully fiddle those mischievous flocks of hair behind her ears once in a while. He was fond of her simplicity. Her simplicity was like a magnet and his soul was like a million of iron dust which comes attracted to it, unknowingly and compulsively. He was just drenched in the shower of her beauty. Her eyes were as deep as the sea just as full of life and grace yet concealing a lot of her behind it. He thought it’s all the fault of the eyes that has disturbed the stillness of his mind and heart. The eyes inks down the story, word by word, frame by frame and the heart preserves them from the wears and tears of the life. Her lips were silent for a long time embracing each other like lovers yet they were talking to him the whole time. He just was lost in the forest of her identity and beauty. It was dark and confusing yet it was relieving and peaceful. He could be lost in this wilderness forever and ever. But soon the students started to take their seats and the teacher came in the class, a silence prevailed and the silence pulled him back from his paradise. He realized that she was looking back at him and he hurriedly took his eyes away. All his thoughts and all his dreams yet he could not look into her eyes. She will never know how he felt about her. She may never even notice him. But she was engraved on the marble of his heart like a song of love. Yes, she was his crush.



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