Vagabond In Politics.

Someone once asked me about my political ideology.I had never given it much thought earlier.But the question got me thinking.
What was my political ideology? My mind wandered across the globe and in far history.Which political ideology suits my principles and my way of thinking?
I reckon that I like the way a person enjoys his rights in a democracy and everyone is treated equally,at least by principle.But I despise the lack of decision making,the office bearing of unworthy candidate only because he is able to appease masses by lies,propaganda, and sometimes hatred.I hate the corruption and the lack of willpower to make harsh decisions for the betterment of the country.
I like the way a communist government believes that all the resources belong to the people of the country and try to distribute them equally among its subjects.I like the notion that the government cares for bread and roof of its populace and wants to eliminate the financial disparity among the people.But I hate the lack of personal rights and rights to express in the communist country.I hate the lack of transparency and the blatant abuse of human rights.
I like the way a right-wing nationalist defends his country and work towards the conservation of integrity of his culture.But I hate the extremism and the occasional misplaced patriotism.
I like the structure of governance in a dictatorship.I like their efficiency in implementing rules and regulations.But I hate the authoritarian and totalitarian rule of a person towards his own agenda.I hate the brutal crushing of expression of people and accountability of the ruler.
Therefore I am very much confused about my political ideology.It seems like a collection of paradoxes.Is there any perfect political ideology to be followed? Has there been any political ideology to be followed? The principles and doctrines that makes so much sense in the paper are virtually absent from the real world. Maybe we human corrupt them by our very involvement and bending them as per our advantages.
Perhaps I am a vagabond in the politics.


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