Who Am I?

Am I a traveler??

lost on his journey,wandering through the woods

Clueless of destination,unaware of the path

Walking down incessant,following a distant mirage.

Or Am I a bird?

flying endlessly to pick the little stars,

Or searching a corner to make it my adobe

Escaping the fret of the world,

to a place peaceful and dissolute.

Am I a prisoner?

Confined In this lie

In the shackles of future and of the past

Hidden in a dark to assuage the pain,secede the restraint

attentive of beauty only outside the hole.

I reckon, I am all at once

A traveler,a Bird and a prisoner alike

Lost Am I and in search of solitude

Prisoner am I of my thoughts and circumstances

I am a vagrant lost in the hills

Searching for prosody in poem and my life.




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