Life Happened

I close my eyes and try to recollect

How i got there there where I am?

It was by choice I reckon

The choices of life rather than mine

Cause who would give up the lap of his mother

and the most contempt slumber ever

Who would want to learn to walk

when you the ride on your father’s back

Who would miss the tales of the granny?

Who wouldn’t want to dance in the rain?

Who wouldn’t want to be king or Queen

Making with sand the castles of dream?

Who would want to leave the magical woods

The woods with door to the magic-land

The falls from the bicycles,the little steps to life

the fight with your sister,your first day of school

All are now but distant memories

like a flock of clouds on the misty sky

I long for them clouds,and stare at the sky

I wish them to rain, so once again

I could ride my paper boat

On the stream down my memory lane.



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