Obsession With Perfection

What is everyone’s, obsession with perfection

A perfect life, or portrait or a perfect story to tell

Why are you drawn so much by the ending,

that you are not enjoying the show

It’s not the destination but the journey

which actually makes it special so

Why can’t we fall and, stumble on our way

Why can’t we start afresh

On the same path, again and again

Why are you so obsessed to move towards the perfect end

No one can attain a blissful perfection

For the beginning is Holy and the King of end is Satan

You art, your story , your life begin to

cease the moment you attain the perfection.

See, the most masterful creator the God is

But he has not created, the perfect world

For there is chaos all around

and the darkness engulfs the whole lot.

May the perfection never be attained

and the life goes on and on

and there are plenty of flowers to see

In the garden we happily roam.



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