My Queen

Standing along a solitary alley I saw my queen coming by Her face as fresh as the dawn Her eyes were deep as the sky Her lips as tender as petals of rose As brisk and crimson alike Her hair like a cold breeze in tropic summer Her smile like a rainbow across the clouds … Continue reading My Queen


Ashamed Am I

The hand that was meant for toys Served tea and did the dishes Barefooted at this tender age In a dirty vest on his rickety bones Alas! School dress was not his destiny His big blank faded eyes told the story of his lost childhood the robbed dreams and the deprived happiness Oh what good … Continue reading Ashamed Am I


श्री पंडित नरेंद्र मिश्र की कलम से दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी | जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी || रावल रत्न सिंह को छल से कैद किया खिलजी ने काल गई मित्रों से मिलकर दाग किया खिलजी ने खिलजी का चित्तोड़ दुर्ग में एक संदेशा आया जिसको सुनकर शक्ति शौर्य … Continue reading पद्मिनी-गोरा-बादल


I am a writer without aspiration I am a lover without passion Wandering around pointlessly in the dark woods Searching for soul in my creations.